Cannabis is the Latin word for hemp. In Germany and many other countries, however, the term cannabis is often extensively used for hemp plants and THC-containing products of the plant.


Marijuana or grass are the dried flowers of the female hemp plant. On glandular hairs on these flowers sits the “resin” of the plant, with its high concentrations of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Depending on its quality, origin, cultivation method and degree of drying, marijuana is usually green to brownish, sometimes also white or slightly purple.


Hashish is collected and mostly pressed “resin” of the hemp plant. It can be obtained not only from the flowers but also from leaves covered with resins. Depending on the quality and production method, its color varies from light gray-brown to dull black.



Hash and grass are often talked about when it comes to the most commonly used illegal drug. But what exactly is the difference between the terms that both refer to the same plant?



Both grass and hash come from the female hemp plant, also called cannabis. The so-called grass is the more direct dosage form:

Grass, marijuana or even weed refers to the dried, but otherwise unprocessed flowers of cannabis.
As a rule, the grass is crushed before consumption, and can then either be smoked, vaporized or eaten.
Most cannabis – both grass and hashish – is consumed by a bong or in the form of a joint. Oral consumption – such as “hash brownies” to eat – but is healthier harmless than smoking.

The main drug of the drug is called THC. This is a psychotropic substance that affects the human psyche. Incidentally, the world’s most famous substance of this kind is caffeine.

Like the famous ingredient of coffee, consuming too much THC can make you mentally dependent.


Cannabis is used as a recreational drug but also as a medicine. Here it is prescribed for more and more different ailments – such as pain relief, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, and various chronic conditions. Incidentally, if you want to learn more about the uses of cannabis, we recommend the Android app “CTR”.



Hash, also called hashish or shit, refers to the resin that is extracted from the female hemp plant. Again, the flowers are usually used because they contain the most resin. In part, all plant parts (except the root) are processed.

Hash is an extract from the resin of the female hemp plant. It is a brown soft resin that can be dissolved in water or alcohol.


There are many different ways to make hashish – traditional as well as modern methods.


The hash usually contains significantly more THC than grass, often between 40 and 80 percent. However, this depends heavily on the plant used, the plant parts and the method of production.


Hash is also consumed by a bong or mixed in a joint with tobacco or Knaster. Of course, since these are the same active substances, hashish can make you mentally dependent if you consume frequently.


After all, hashish and grass are the same drugs – with the difference that the cannabis plant has to be processed further for Hasch.


Unlike many other drugs, cannabis is not fatal to humans. Never has a human died from cannabis use. Dangerous, however, is the mixed consumption with tobacco.

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