Marijuana has gained a lot of significance over the last couple of years due to its vast array of benefits. Due to its health and recreational benefits, the drug is now being considered for legalization in most parts of the world.


In this article, we will analyze the reason why marijuana should be legal. Most of these reasons began as theories, and they are currently being tested to be right in the states that have legalized the sales of marijuana.


Dismantling of the Black Market

For quite a long time, the black market was the principal place the buy cannabis. Admittedly, some of your friends used to have it hand at that time, but where did he get it from? Odds are he knew somebody who was a drug dealer. A few of these drug dealers had connections with terrorist groups.


When weed was legalized, these drug dealers were put out of business or influenced them to go legit. Presently, the black market is gone. Cannabis dispensaries are enlisted with the state, controlled and taxed by state authorities. Furthermore, that is excellent news for everybody except for the black market drug dealers.


Improved Quality and Safety Control

As opioid addiction came to light, there is hugely no chance to get for final consumers to know precisely what they are getting when they buy weed on the black market. However, the legalization of marijuana has immediately led to the creation of models for quality and safety control. We’ve perceived how this can function in the liquor and tobacco enterprises, and it will positively convert into the weed business. Presently, consumers will know what they’re getting for what they’re paying for. Furthermore, enhanced quality and safety control also translate into a less burden on the medicinal system.


Increased Tax Revenue

Increased tax revenue is one of the most significant advantages that come with weed legalization. [1]The analysis shows that the legal sales of cannabis items rose to $996 million in 2015. [1]That is identical to a billion dollars spent! Furthermore, the revenue gotten from the tax increased to —$135 million. That cash can be utilized to build railways, infrastructures, schools, employ more police and firefighters, etc.


Availability of Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis (both THC and CBD) is known to treat a large number of untreatable disease including Crohn’s disease, Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Migraines, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Cancer, and Problems due to chemotherapy.


Medical cannabis has been proven to treat those who suffer from the conditions mentioned above. The sale of medical marijuana to treat this disease can bring a lot of income which can be used to build roads, schools, employ more police and fight against terrorism.


Decrease in Gang-Related Drug Violence

Many urban areas experience a lot of gang-related drug violence. However, legalizing recreational marijuana would stop all this gang-related violence. States that have legalized marijuana can help individuals who encounter injustice. This benefits their security and their makes the general public safe from gang violence.

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