Sex and sexual intimacy are essential in our daily lives. When sexual intercourse doesn’t occur, it can lead to broken marriages, decreased quality of life, and low self-confidence. Sexual issues come in different ways, from erectile dysfunction to lack of desire or arousal and could originate from several reasons including diabetes, hormone imbalance, and substance abuse, or psychological reasons including stress, anxiety, or depression. Despite the existence of many pills and potions that may help increase sex life, there is now the existence of CBD oil which may effectively treat some of these symptoms and help many couples to regain sexual satisfaction.


Enhancing Sexual Health with CBD oil

According to early research on sex from 1984, it was discovered that CBD increased sexual desire and pleasure. Another study from 2017 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed how CBD use was linked with increased sexual activity with no impairment of sexual function. Different benefits of CBD on sex include having more extended hours of sex, improved orgasms, and greater sexual satisfaction.


Specific Benefits of Cannabis for Sex

CBD oil has several properties that may enhance sexual dysfunction or boost sexual activity. CBD can increase sensory stimulation and aid people with arousal or orgasm problems to enjoy sex better.

Furthermore, CBD can relieve anxiety, which means people suffering from anxiety disorder can use CBD to boost self-confidence. CBD can also help to calm your thoughts and making you more focused on sexual enjoyment. Individuals experiencing sexual pain can use CBD oil to gain long-lasting relief from pain.


How to use CBD oil for sex


Vaping offers fast effects and regulated dosing that permits you to inhale the necessary puffs without overdosing. CBD oil can be used in most portable vaporizers.



Tinctures are concentrated cannabis extracts in a liquid state that the same characteristics to vaping. Tinctures are usually applied under the tongue, which makes them very controllable and productive.



Edibles are ingestible cannabis foods which offer the health benefits of CBD. Edibles usually come in the form of candies and cookies. When you consume edibles, they are slowly absorbed by the body, which means you won’t immediately feel the impact after you consume edibles. In some cases, you will have to wait for about 20-30 minutes before feeling the effects. The effects of edibles are usually long-lasting and very potent.



CBD lubricants are one of the newest cannabis-infused products on the market. CBD offers a lot of pain-relieving properties, and, it usually brings a few side effects when applied topically. Individuals suffering from sexual pain can use CBD lubricants to gain relief. However, like any new topical treatment, you should begin with little amounts before moving to larger doses.


Treating Your Sexual Health with Cannabis

CBD oil offers numerous benefits to those having issues with their sex life, and the treatments available are available in several forms to match the needs of everyone. If traditional medications aren’t working, then you talk to your physician about treating your sexual issues with cannabis extracts.

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