Medical marijuana is created of dried components of the cannabis plant. Humans have turned thereto as a seasoning remedy for hundreds of years, and these days folks use it to alleviate symptoms or treat numerous diseases. The national still considers it illegitimate, however some states enable it to treat specific health issues. The FDA, the U.S. agency that regulates medicines, hasn’t approved the plant as a treatment for any conditions.

Here are ten of them, supported the ailments folks ordinarily use medical marijuana to treat. Again, as a result of there’s such restricted analysis on this subject, these areas are supported results that CNN would usually not report on as a result of the work is during a so much too early stage to check if it extremely works. However, that’s the purpose some doctors and medical researchers are creating.


In a human study of 10 HIV-positive marijuana smokers, scientists found those that smoke-dried marijuana Greek deity higher, slept better and intimate a more robust mood. Another tiny study of fifty folks found patients that smoke-dried cannabis saw less neuropathic pain.


Medical marijuana and a few of the plant’s chemicals are accustomed facilitate Alzheimer’s patients gain weight, and analysis found that it lessens a number of the agitated behavior that patients will exhibit. In one cell study, researchers found it slowed the progress of macromolecule deposits within the brain. Scientists suppose these proteins could also be a part of what causes Alzheimer’s, though nobody is aware of what causes the illness.



A study of fifty-eight patients victimization the derivatives of marijuana found they’d less arthritis pain and slept higher. Another review of studies finished marijuana could facilitate fight pain-causing inflammation.



Studies are contradictory; however, some early work suggests it reduced exercise-induced bronchial asthma. alternative cell studies showed smoking marijuana might dilate human airways, however some patients intimate a decent feeling in their chests and throats. A study in mice found similar results.



Animal studies have shown some marijuana extracts could kill bound cancer cells. alternative cell studies show it should stop cancer growth, and with mice, THC, the hallucinogenic ingredient in marijuana, improved the impact of radiation on cancer cells. Marijuana also can stop the nausea that always accompanies therapy treatment accustomed treat cancer.


Chronic pain

Some animal and tiny human studies show that cannabinoids can have a “substantial analgesic impact.” folks wide used them for pain relief within the 1800s. Some medicines supported cannabis like Sativex are being tested on multiple sclerosis patients and accustomed treat cancer pain. The drug has been approved in Canada and in some European countries. In another trial involving fifty-six human patients, scientists saw a half-hour reduction in pain in people who smoke-dried marijuana.

Crohn’s illness

In a tiny pilot study of thirteen patients watched over 3 months, researchers found indrawn cannabis did improve life for folks laid low and Crohn’s disease. It helped ease people’s pain, restricted the frequency of looseness of the bowels and helped with weight gain.



Medical marijuana extract in early trials at the NYU Langone middle showed a five hundredth reduction within the frequency of bound seizures in kids and adults during a study of 213 patients recently.



Glaucoma is one among the leading causes of vision defect. Scientists have checked out THC’s impact on this illness on the optic nerve and located it will lower eye pressure, however it should additionally lower force per unit area, that might hurt the optic nerve because of a reduced blood provide. THC also can facilitate preserve the nerves; a little study found.


Multiple sclerosis

Using marijuana or a number of the chemicals within the plant could facilitate stop muscle spasms, pain, tremors and stiffness, in line with early-stage, principally experimental studies involving animals, laboratory tests and a little range of human patients. The drawback — it should impair memory, in line with a little study involving twenty patients.

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