How to cut the Stalk

Hemp Stalks is robust and furry, trimming scissors might not be a good option at this stage. However, Pruning Shears are a great deal to get this done easily. You can look up to stores and get a professional Pruning shear, whereas Fiskars All Steel Bypass Pruning Shear is recommended for a perfect result.


Chopping Stage

After harvesting your plants, the next face is chopping. You need to understand that this process is a matter of choice rather than necessity. It is required that you keep your buds clean ad THC sticks to everything it contacts with, therefore, Hand Glove is a well-recommended tool in handling your plants and buds until you get to the curing stage. Where do you start?

  • Fan Leaves – This is the large star-like leaves on the plant, you either remove or allow to dry with the buds. But it is advised to remove the leaves to speed up the drying process since keeping them will slow down the buds drying process. However, the leave protects the buds from rapid dryness in an environment of low humidity and this might be an advantage at times.
  • Drying the Plant – The next Stage after you cut down your plants is exposing them to air. All you need is an open space, tie them to a wire, hand and spread evenly to avoid moist a delay in the drying process.



This process can be carried out either immediately after cutting down your plant or posthumous to drying on the line.

  • Immediate Trimming

This is the simplest and easier approach to trimming and it aids rapid dryness of the buds. Leaves are turgid (full of water) immediately after harvest thus allows for easy cutting. Trichomes are also strong at the harvest moment reducing the chances of been destroyed due to handling. Immediate trimming leaves the buds less covered with leaves thereby quickening the drying process. However, this isn’t a good idea in an area of low humidity as this with affect the texture and taste of the plant.


The perfect period to Trim

Irrespective of the trimming technique you use, final trimming style for your buds is the same. If you’re a cannabis seller, note that customers prefer tightly trimmed buds.



Sorting for Cannabis

This stage requires little knowledge of cannabis and concentration because you take decision based on your preference and knowledge. The first thing you’ll remove is the leaves attached to the buds. Make your buds look nice and attractive by cutting off any brown or yellow-tinged leaves as they also impact the taste. Leaves without trichomes are to be removed because logically THC is not present in them.


Trimming Techniques

Several tools and techniques are available to make trimming your plant easier and fun. Highlighted below are recognized and notable tools and techniques:

  • Curved Trimmers – This saves you time and energy. These are trimming scissors designed with a curved blade perfectly for trimming buds just to reduce the need to tediously angle your scissors around a bud to get the perfect cut, saving energy and time.
  • Bowl Trimmers – Looks exactly like the name, an enclosed bowl lined with steel blades and sweeps designed with a handle to rotate the buds. Trimming seems easier with this because all you need is to pour in your bud and rotate the bowl with the provided handle. It saves more time than others.
  • Trays – Trim trays are more comfortable for trimming as it allows for excess materials. These trays come with a 150-micron steel screen to reduce waste and spill of leaves.


How to Trim

  • Always be strategic while trimming your cannabis, holding on to a few inches of the stem while you trim is a good idea.
  • Cannabis resin tends to clog your scissors, trim easily and always clean your scissors with razors while trimming.


You’ve harvested your plant, trimmed your buds, then let’s move to the next stage … (CURING)

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