Not everyone wants to smoke weed or hashish. Especially those who have received cannabis for medicinal purposes are often looking for another way to consume weeds. And the “taste buds” that are far from harmful burns (mainly related to tobacco) are increasingly using their herbs to experiment with cooking. A new world of fun opens up because the possibilities are endless.
Home cooking is sufficient, but if you want to cook more often with cannabis, you will have to choose your pots and pans.
In addition, the following tools are effective (and can even be kept at home):

• Cheese or cheese cloth
• Lockable containers (glass or plastic)
• Large metal spoons
• Cooking thermometer

And that was it. By the way, if you can’t find gauze (usually available in well-stocked household items or pharmacy gauze cloths), you can also use commercially available coffee filters
Do I need a culinary experience to cook and cook with cannabis?
Taxes As long as you stick to recipes, nothing can go wrong. And when you have cannabis butter (one of the cornerstones of Kanna’s cuisine) for the first time, everything else looks like a piece of cake.
During preparation, it is important to carefully follow the recipes. Of course, the dosage should be slightly experimented, since no herbs are the same and the effect is obviously different. Sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes a little less. But these are processes that will reveal you quickly enough. And soon you can change or refine your recipes to your liking. In reality it is not rocket science.
Record the temperature at which your cannabis is being prepared. Most cannabinoids reach a boiling point of 145 degrees Celsius. So you need to keep the temperature low.

Does CANNABIS work differently in food?

Yup! If you smoke a joint, cannabinoids penetrate the lungs with swelling and act quickly and violently. However, the effect often does not last until the active ingredients decompose faster. If you take cannabis while you eat, the effects last longer because cannabinoids only enter the metabolism through the stomach, but they are also stronger. One reason is that you usually cook with cannabis butter or cane oil and you are often very strong.

In general, cannabis can be said to have a stronger and longer lasting effect on high-fat protein-rich foods because fats bind cannabinoids. However, desserts like cookies don’t work until the poisoning subsides more quickly due to the sugar they contain. For this reason, it is recommended to drink a glass of orange juice to “get off” if you tear it off with grass.

If, on the other hand, the calcium is too weak, you can give it some stretching with a little fat.

Should I get good flowers?

Many commercials don’t really trust Kanna’s cuisine because they fear wasting good weed. But don’t worry, you can use all parts of the cannabis plant for preparations other than root. It also means stems, branches and small leaves. However, the THC concentration is lower here.
However, it is always important to note that the more herbs or cannabis are used, the better the effect on food. So your lawn must be of good quality and above all mold-free.

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Author: Queen Writerr

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