From time to time, you may find some unseen cannabis lock in your closet or unexpected place. At that point, you may want to try it out and suddenly discover that the potency of the weed is gone or you may get a very profound feeling when smoking the plant. Moreover, you may be wondering what you can do to maintain the potency of your weed after harvest. These may sound like questions which are not meant to be asked, but these are very significant questions which are essential for all cannabis enthusiasts.


It is considered a common sense that dried out cannabis doesn’t offer maximum high when smoked. Most people have confirmed that dry weed usually burns the throat and has the tendency of making users to cough a lot. Exposure to light, moisture, and air are factors to consider when storing your weed.  Weed should be kept away from these places to prevent it from expiring.


It is good to know that marijuana is a perishable good. Similar to other products, cannabis can also breakdown into small chemicals before finally disintegrating into the ground. When you harvest your cannabis plant, degradation begins. The cannabinoid biosynthetic pathways become blocked disrupted, and Cannabinoids and Terpenes can be synthesized into other compounds due to excess light or heat.


Home growers should consider using some great tips to ensure their harvest. It is essential to dry and to cure your cannabis plant well after harvest to ensure freshness. The cannabis plant contains about 70% water and should be wiped to get remove 90% of the water so that it can burn evenly.


Cannabinoids in a fresh plant cannabis plant are more in an acid form, and the drying process begins with decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is at its maximum after smoking a joint. Keep in mind that decarboxylation is certain imminent when cannabis is added in recipes since heat changes the cannabinoids to the psychoactive form. There exists different ways to cure your cannabis bud, and it is recommended to research it.


When you cure and dry your marijuana, it is essential to consider storing the weed because it can only stay fresh for a limited time. Some other elements also have to be considered.


Temperature influences degradation in several ways. Cannabis is best stored in temperatures ranging between 70 Degrees F and 21 Degrees C. Very intense temperatures can lead to bacterial or mold in your weed. Cannabinoids degrade due to high exposure to heat and THCA will begin to deteriorate to THC and eventually degrade to CBD when left under high temperatures.


Excess heat can push high levels of moisture back into the buds. It’s preferable to store your cannabis in humidity levels ranging between 59 – 63 %. Excess humidity could lead to mold and lack of moisture can lead to brittle and fragile plants.


UV light exposure and oxygen usually lead to fast and high rates of degradation in less than no time. Organic matter can easily be broken down by UV rays in less than no time.

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