What is the best way to eat hemp?

There is no global answer, it depends on your personal medical and biochemical needs. The greatest consensus must be found between the latest developments in Western science and the oldest but still unknown human processes, and patience and sympathy are still needed. Maybe it will stay that way at all times. The doses of cannabis are also very individual and still exist on an equal footing in the arts and sciences.
However, oral administration is a common denominator, as many patients with medical marijuana will get the best results. It is not a solution for everyone, it is a solution to help cannabis reach plants in several ways.
Oral dose form: very versatile and very effective
Oral dosage forms include any substance that can be consumed or otherwise administered. Despite the growing popularity (and creativity) of cannabis-based foods in recent years, oral forms of medicine are not just food.
Today, the potential in this category is almost limitless, from cannabis drinks to THC-rich capsules. In other words, there must be something for everyone.

Marijuana-based medical food

Foods that contain medical cannabis generally consist of two parts: their natural nutritional components and their components. The ingredients of edible cannabis are usually concentrated in hemp oil or hemp butter. Ingredients without hemp are usually regular foods like flour and sugar.
Of course, there are healthier options. Whether gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan or paleo, there are definitely some great products for you. Unlike rapeseed or grape seed oil, many foods use healthy coconut oil or MCT oil as the fat source.
Compared to other medicinal cannabis products, the food has a slower effect (i.e. it takes a long time to start influencing) and the effect is long lasting. Indeed, they are affected by the metabolic conditions of the liver. The cannabis presented here is filtered by the liver before entering the blood. The same process reduces the bioavailability (i.e. internal absorption) of nutrients to around 10%. For example, if you take 10 mg of hemp, you should only take one milligram and it will work accordingly.
Even so, food remains the ideal form of income for many people. It is particularly effective and sometimes even stronger than hemp. They provide the body with metabolic hemp, like 11-hydroxy-THC, which have distinct advantages over “normal” THC. 11- Hydroxy can be used by medical cannabis users who prefer psychotherapy because cannabis crosses the blood-brain barrier.
Cannabis use can have other intestinal problems in people with reduced bowel function (DDFB or SIBO) or irritable bowel syndrome (RDS, IDS or English IBS). What is wrong with this method, most cannabis is transferred directly to the digestive system. More research is certainly needed in this area: research on this. The authors state that “the anti-inflammatory compounds in the cannabis plant are still awaiting research on chronic inflammatory bowel disease (translated from chronic inflammatory bowel disease)”.
Like cannabis products, the concentration and content of cannabis in food varies. To make sure you don’t exceed the usual dose, read the product label carefully before taking any medicine. Also keep in mind that you cannot eat dose-controlled foods for 30 to 120 minutes. The effect is greatest in the rain after three hours (or more).
Patients who use many cannabis products often suffer from panic attacks and even physical and mental problems. In states like Colorado, verbal acceptance is associated with an increasing number of emergencies. No wonder the country has released a poster calling for a gradual increase in the number of users. Fortunately, the LD50 (lethal dose) of marijuana is almost impossible, and an overdose of marijuana has not yet been found.
Another thing: eating medicinal cannabis as a food can actually increase the absorption of cannabis (if the food is sufficiently fatty). This is the result of a new study from the University of Minnesota which found that the absorption of CBD was supported by a high-fat diet. The same concept can be applied to other cannabis, at least in part because cannabis is fat soluble. Even endocannabinoids use fatty acids as precursors.

Medical cannabis extract

Don’t like high-calorie foods? Don’t worry because medicinal cannabis compounds can also be taken.
In short, the concentration of hemp is the product of the hottest and most resinous part of cannabis, then transformed into a concentrated form. This includes extracts such as hemp oil (BHO) and solvent-free concentrates such as rosin. Usually concentrates explode with special equipment, but this is not always the case.
Historically, concentrates have been consumed as concentrated hemp resin (called hemp). Hash was very popular in the Arab Middle Ages and appeared in stories like “100.1 Thousand Nights”.
Some cannabis products are versatile enough to be used as food. For example, Ric Simpson oil can be applied topically to the skin or taken orally. Even if the concentration of cannabis does not always taste good (for example, RSO is often a consistent and bitter taste), the advantage is that you only need a small amount to reach the daily dose.

Tablets, capsules, marijuana tablets

Medicinal capsules or marijuana tablets are a simple invention – the concentration of marijuana is usually in the form of capsules. What are the main advantages of this income method? Measurement accuracy. The dose of cannabis capsules is very precise, and each capsule generally contains precise amounts of THC, CBD, etc.
Another benefit: capsules and tablets can sometimes mask the main taste of the cannabis concentration. If you do not like the taste or smell of cannabis, patients wrapped in this appropriate form can take the ideal dose. Likewise, patients accustomed to using medication may feel more comfortable with marijuana in capsule or tablet form.
However, medicinal cannabis capsules cannot act on the highly absorbent lining, which can reduce bioavailability. Patients requiring rapid doses of cannabis, such as those with epilepsy or acute anxiety, need better management using the fastest dose-dose procedure.

Hemp powder

Crushed hemp is a rare form of oral administration. These powders are generally hemp isolated in crystalline form. Hemp powder can be used with CBD and THC as they both form large crystals of high purity.
As with other types of cannabis, it is important to know what cannabis powder is. The correct isolation process takes time and not everyone works carefully.
Therefore, it is important to know and require laboratory tests before eating. For example, if the manufacturer claims that its isolated CBD is 99.99% pure, it should be able to prove it quickly through independent laboratory tests. Also keep in mind that although most cannabis powders meet this standard, their carboxyl may not be completely eliminated.

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