Vaporizing is a method which consists of heating dried marijuana to a moderate temperature. Vaporizing is seen as a preferable method of oral consumption because it lacks most of the toxic compounds that come from smoking marijuana. Also, when you vaporize cannabis, it eliminates the potential pain in the lungs and throat that originates from exposure to heat and burned organic matter. Furthermore, there exist numerous vaping products that can help modify your vaping experience. These products include portable vapes, stationary vaporizers, and even dabbing instruments.


Pros of vaporizing

Pain Relief

One of the widespread reasons of vaping medical marijuana is for its pain relieve. People suffering from chronic pain and related disease can find relief in vaping medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has several ways to deal with pain. The cannabinoids within the cannabis plant have anti-inflammatory properties, which function as a muscle relaxant, improves sleep and heals the body. The endocannabinoid system of the body is responsible for regulating pain sensation. When cannabinoids are ingested, it restores the body to its natural pain-free harmony.


Anxiety Relief

When you vape cannabis, it releases a lot of calming properties. The cortisol level of the body increases when we are anxious. According to several studies, CBD, a prevalent cannabinoid, can reduce the cortisol levels significantly more than a placebo. Vaping cannabis helps in the treatment of several stress factors such as social situations, work-related stress, and general anxiety disorder. Most prescription medications meant for anxiety disorder often lead to undesired symptoms. Furthermore, vaping doesn’t lead to any adverse side effects.


Why use vaporizers?

Medicinally Safe

Cannabis can treat different symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and more. It is advisable to use a vaporizer when administering medicinal cannabis. This is because vaporizers reduce the toxic substances that cause damage to the lungs. Also, patients can easily calculate their doses when using vaporizers than other methods.


Most cannabis users like using vaporizers because it offers stealth. The vapor that emits from vaporizers does not have a pungent smell; instead, the vapor has a delicious aroma. Also, vaporizers can easily fit into your bag pack, which makes it easier for use in public places.

The vapor released from vaporizers varies according to the intensity of the vapor. More substantial hits release more vapor than smaller hits. But no matter the depth of vapor released, it will hardly because vaporizers don’t release pungent smell like smoked cannabis.


Cannabis vaporization temperature and effect

The ideal vaporization temperature for cannabis shifts somewhere in the range of 365°F and 450 °F (185– 210 °C). Favored temperature settings can shift from individual to individual, as various temperatures can influence the therapeutic properties. However, some vaporizers cannot be temperature-controlled and that a few (reasonable) units don’t usually update the present vaporization temperature.

Generally, lower vaporization temperatures lead to a productive high; on the other hand, higher temperatures offer a more soothing body high.

Both the nature and species of cannabis that is used for vaporizing plays a significant role in the final output.

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