You’ll see a lot of online health websites saying that a lot of people are using marijuana to cure the symptoms of ADHD. Similarly, there are a lot of people with ADHD that say they have very less or no problems with the use of marijuana. However, they are not presenting any medical research on the teenage use of marijuana. There are some complexities to the development of the brain’s memory and learning.

A study presented that, numerous adults and teenagers with symptoms of ADHD are positive about the theory that cannabis does help them and has very few side effects as compared to the medications.

Dr. McCue says that he has seen people who claim that classic marijuana use benefits them with ADHD symptoms. They say that it helps them with anxiety, sleeping, and pain relief as well. Moreover, he said that these people also report effects that are usually seen with unique treatments for ADHD.

ADHD and CBD usage

CBD is also very famous as a helpful cure for people with ADHD symptoms. CBD is found in hemp and marijuana. But unlike marijuana, it does not have any psychoactive element THC. This statement means that CBD doesn’t get you as high as marijuana does.

Some people suggest CBD as a cure for ADHD. Although it can affect different people in different ways and the symptoms of the patient also influence the results.

Risks of marijuana to treat ADHD

People with ADHD symptoms are probable to use marijuana to treat it. These people are more probable to use this drug earlier in their lives. Moreover, these individuals are likely to misuse the drug or develop a use disorder. It can also have other disadvantages that affect the thinking abilities, development, and physical abilities.

Body and brain development

Long term usage of marijuana can have the following complications. These complications comprise:

  • Higher depression risk
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Altered brain development
  • Decreased life satisfaction

There can be some other complications as well, but usually, these complications are noticed in the people.

Decision making and thinking ability

Excessive usage of cannabis can cause some of the issues mentioned above. You will also notice noteworthy effects on your ability to make decisions and pay attention if you are using marijuana.

Body & brain functions

A study in 2013 stated that individuals with ADHD who take marijuana perform worse on memory, decision-making, response, verbal, and cognitive tests than individuals that don’t take any drug. People who started using marijuana on a routine basis before they turned 16 were the most affected.


If you have ADHD symptoms and you use or smoke marijuana or even considering to do it, you must consult with your doctor or some specialist.

Some of the traditional ADHD drugs may interact with cannabis and bound their advantage. You should be completely honest with your doctor because your users can also help the doctor to find a treatment that is best suitable for you. Moreover, they might find a treatment that fewer side effects.

Alli Isles
Author: Alli Isles

From a young age, I was always curious about the world around me. I loved exploring nature and learning about different plants and their medicinal properties. Little did I know that this curiosity would lead me down a path of becoming an expert in cannabis research and writing. Growing up in a small town, I was always fascinated by the stories my grandfather would tell me about his experiences with cannabis. He would talk about how it helped him manage his chronic pain and how it brought him a sense of peace and relaxation. These stories stayed with me and sparked my interest in the plant. After completing my undergraduate degree in biology, I decided to pursue a master's degree in cannabis research. During my studies, I discovered that cannabis had been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, but had been demonized in the 20th century due to political and social factors. I am grateful for the curiosity and passion that led me to become an expert in cannabis research and writing. I hope that my work has helped to change the negative perception of cannabis and has brought awareness to its potential benefits for all.

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