The rising popularity of cannabis has resulted in over 200 street names or slang variations for the term marijuana. According to history, the word “marijuana” is also a slang term for the cannabis plant. The use of marijuana started in the United States during the 1930s when Harry Anslinger, the first director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, led a fear-mongering crusade to associate cannabis to illegal Mexican immigrants. However, years after, the drug has also developed several slang terms such as “grass,” “weed” or “pot,” but when you tour around the world, you will realize that there exist other slang terms that we don’t yet know about.  

But why do they exist hundreds of slang terms for pot? Like most slang terms, as adults or authorities get to know the meaning of one term, it gives a signal for the implementation of a new term. Furthermore, the wide assortment of people who smoke cannabis all over the world was destined to create new slang terms for their beloved plant. Although cannabis is being legalized in different places all over the world, the slang terms are still increasing.

A common slang term for cannabis is “dinkie dow cigarette.” which was used by American GIs during the Vietnam war. This term was created from the Vietnamese phrase for “crazy” to ask for small amounts of wacky weed. In the U.K, when someone wants to ask for a joint, the person only needs to ask for a “gasper stick.” These may seem outdated nowadays, but in the U.S., the term “joystick” is used to either signify the type of equipment people used to play video games or a marijuana cigarette. On the other hand, according to Latin culture, asking for “caracas” means asking for very low-grade marijuana.

The real act of smoking cannabis has also resulted in some noteworthy slang terms. Cannabis smokers may be “going loco,” “getting the wind,” “smoking trees,” “chasing,” or even “mowing the grass.”

Other common slang terms for cannabis

Stogie – this slang term refers to a giant marijuana cigarette, and it originates from a slang word for a cigar. That phrase, in turn, was derived from an abbreviation of a sizeable heavy horse breed, Conestoga, since the people who rode them were responsible for smoking those products

Dank – this term refers to unpleasant, swamp-like things and similar to “bad” itself, the term signifies good things, like the best quality marijuana.

Green – Green is the color of marijuana, and it’s also the slang term for money. Similar slang terms for green include green stuff, greenery and green tea

Reefer — This word originates from a Spanish phrase. “Grifo” is Mexican slang used in describing someone under the influence of marijuana. It was initially called “greefo,” before turning into reefer

Spliff — this term originates from the verb splificate, which is very innovative and it results from the combination of words such as stifle and suffocate. This term is used to describe someone confused.

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