Hemp milk as herbal milk is free of lactose, milk protein, soy, cholesterol, and gluten – ethical nutritional values ​​make the hemp drink for people
Hemp was outlawed for a long time because of its components with the intoxicating effect in Europe and almost entirely displaced by the domestic fields.
Finely ground and mixed with water from the seeds “hemp milk” – which comes under the name hemp drink or drinking Hemp on the market. Strictly speaking, EU legislation does not even mention “hemp milk,” but the term “milk” s reserved for animal milk from cow, sheep, goat or horse. We use the word in this article as most consumers use it in common language usage.


Hemp milk consists only of hemp seed (sometimes also hemp oil), water, some salt and rice syrup or tapioca starch for tying and sweetening. The peeled cannabis seeds are ground to flour and mixed with water, salt and sweeteners. The excellent pulp is stirred until a homogeneous liquid s obtained.
In shelled hemp seeds eliminates the filtering of hemp milk, whereby the healthy components of hemp seeds are also retained in the hemp beverage.
The pure vegetable, so vegan milk substitute is free of lactose, milk protein, soy, cholesterol, and gluten and thus a good alternative for people with food allergies.
Hemp milk consists of water and ground hemp seed, which provide impressive nutritional value
Hemp milk consists of water and ground hemp seed, which offer remarkable nutritional value
Recipe: make hemp milk yourself
Hemp milk is easy to make in your kitchen; here is the method:
peeled hemp seeds
a pinch of salt
depending on the taste sweeteners (for example, dates, rice syrup or coconut blossom sugar)
Depending on your taste, for a special touch, some vanilla or cinnamon
That’s how it is done:
Use one tablespoon of hemp seed per 100 millilitres of water.
Put the ingredients in a blender.
Stir it until a creamy liquid is formed.
Ready is the hemp milk, which is stable in the refrigerator for about two to three days.


Hemp seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that is considered to be healthy and a fountain of youth for the cells. And unlike processing other dairy substitutes, hemp milk does not have to be filtered when peeled hemp seeds are used. This preserves the valuable components of the hemp seed in the hemp beverage. In addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, these are mainly potassium, magnesium, and essential amino acids.
As with many milk substitute products (such as oat milk or almond milk ), the very healthy cannabis milk also lacks calcium. For babies and children growing, therefore, a restricted diet with this milk substitute is not recommended. With vegan diets, the supply should be ensured by other calcium sources.
It is also important to know that hemp milk is always made from Hemp without THC content, so this is not an intoxicant. This is strictly controlled – and applies to every hemp product available in Germany and Austria.
Hemp milk can be used well as a milk substitute and may be considered fat but healthy
Hemp milk can be used well as a milk substitute and may be regarded as fat but healthy


Looking at the nutritional values, hemp milk is relatively rich in fat compared to other herbal milk alternatives. The milk substitute contains but very few carbohydrates and unsweetened as good as no sugar.

And because the energy comes mainly from slowly recycled unsaturated fatty acids, makes hemp milk full and prevents food cravings. Depending on the product, about one gram of protein and three grams of fat, including 80 percent of unsaturated fatty acids, are in the milk alternative. However, since the hemp beverage is made from peeled hemp seeds, it does not contain fiber, which would be healthy to eat.


With prices over three euros per litre, this milk substitute is also relatively expensive, but an excellent supplement to a balanced diet.
Hemp milk from Ecomil, The Good Hemp and Frenkenberger
At present, only a few brands are available in Germany.
In Germany, there is hemp milk, among others from these brands:
Frenkenberger: Drinking Hemp (grown and produced in Austria, sources of supply here )
Eco Mil: hemp drink (from Spain).
Good Hemp: hemp drink (from the UK)
The hemp drink can be bought in well-stocked organic shops, in vegan shops, in some health food stores, and in some online shops.


Hemp, as an ancient crop is exceptionally undemanding and resistant to pests. As a rule, no pesticides need to be used for cultivation, which is why Hemp is ideal for organic farming.
The hemp plant thrives on almost all soils, so always hemp seeds from the region can be processed, and the transport routes are short.
Hemp milk scores so in terms of sustainability. Only the packaging should be respected – here, manufacturers with glass bottles are preferable to those with beverage cartons.


Many Hemp is known only as an intoxicant. But that does not do it justice, because Hemp is one of the oldest crops ever. One differentiates between the plant Cannabis indica, which is used as a drug, and the Nutzhanf Cannabis sativa, from which the Harris. The seeds, which are nuts, are so full of essential ingredients. They contain all eight amino acids and are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. As a result, they strengthen our health and at the same time, protect us from diseases. Even without intoxication! Hemp seeds contain more fat (about 30 percent) than other vegan milk alternatives, but they saturate over a more extended period. Also, they contain many minerals and vitamins B and E. The high iron content also prevents iron deficiency. It is essential to buy unpeeled hemp seeds, as the iron is mainly in the shell. Because hemp milk contains neither lactose nor gluten, it is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance.

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