Thirty states in the U.S including the District of Columbia have legalized either medical, recreational or both forms of marijuana, however, concerning digital media efforts related to the cannabis industry, social media platforms are still far behind, and this may be due to the Reefer Madness which was released in 1936.

Corporate structure is ruining the grassroots community that the industry was built on and over the past months, pages of cannabis-related companies have been targeted by social media platforms which are turning to be some bias in the cannabis industry.

Corporations get to decide what is on their platforms with ambiguous terms in their privacy policies and terms and conditions. Only enforcing them when they want and never implementing them equally. Some specialists have stated that most social networks, like Facebook and Instagram, hold conservative and old policies when it concerns cannabis marketing. Facebook has been the severely deleting the pages of many businesses, thus cutting access to the many users that visit your profile. Instagram has also taken similar procedures. Digital publishers and ad agencies working in the cannabis industry are always being banned from advertising on some social platforms, while most of them say that their social accounts are instantly blocked.

The loss of a corporate social media account can be very detrimental to your business. This is because most cannabis businesses have gathered millions of followers and utilize this service as a primary means of marketing. It has been frustrating for many people not being able to advertise on Facebook and related sites due to their involvement in the cannabis industry. Most people have worked with influencers who have spent a lot of time building up their followers and suddenly witnessing their accounts blocked without any warning message.

Marijuana focused social media services such as MassRoots, Weedlife, Duby and Social High which can be used as an alternative to Facebook and Instagram. However, these cannabis-centered social media platforms are quick to go public and sell out, which means, in their terms and conditions you’ll always find places where they’re going to sell your information for advertising or other nefarious purposes. These cannabis related platforms like MassRoots collects data about its users and uses that data to make money. Furthermore, these platforms access your feed and use the data to show you specific ads it thinks you are likely to enjoy. Targeted advertising is a big business for companies like MassRoots and weedlife, and it’s evident that many people don’t know how MassRoot’s advertising business works. Most Cannabis focused platforms have established special rules and regulations which are set to benefit investors. Most of these terms and conditions include having access to your data.

So, how can you protect your cannabis business and your data from being cracked down and what other options are available for marketing your cannabis business.

Look for media platforms that run on donations only and keep people’s data safe. Businesses don’t like when you use their data to make profits by selling information to advertisers.






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