Buds are a type of capsule on a branch or stalk, from which something new grows in the following year. It can be a branch, a leaf, or a blossom that is a flower. There are buds only in plants that survive the winter, so for example, on trees or bushes.

The bud is similar to pregnancy in animals or humans. The bud is something of a baby that evolves a bit before it starts.

Bud is a delicious strain that any sweet tooth will appreciate. She usually expresses her Sativa genetics by example and therefore triggers an energetic, uplifting, and long-lasting euphoria.

This variety has a sweet, chocolatey flavor, accompanied by luscious caramel notes. It provides an incredibly mild smoking experience, and you should consume it in an evaporator to optimally enjoy its taste and aroma. The effects of Bud are those of a pure Sativa: so look forward to a long-lasting cerebral kick and an almost instant boost in energy, ensuring perfect smoke during the day. Likewise, the plant produces relatively high levels of CBD, making it an attractive strain for people who want to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety or even relieve pain.

As is the case for a Sativa, these plants develop large and sprawling branches and can produce massive yields (mainly when grown outdoors). But you will also work well in the breeding tent, but you have to make an effort in a small space to train them.

The plant grows its bud during the summer. In winter, the bud rests and endures cold and snow. In spring, the development of the plant continues, often first on the buds: they open and make their contents visible. It’s like a birth.

Flower buds usually open first. They often announce spring. In many fruit trees, the flowers open before the leaves sprout. That’s not just nice to look at it. It also gives the fruits the necessary edge to provide them with enough time to ripen.

Bud has always been known as a cannabis strain with amazing inflorescences. Her outstanding Indica ancestor has been carefully refined and improved over many years. He is now so perfect that he can be launched as a purely female seed line on the market!

With extensive research and testing, Sensi Seeds was able to trace the Bud clone back to its roots, and the growth is reliable, yet easily predictable and controllable in height. The finished plants can be kept below 30 cm when they are brought to flower as seedlings. For more extended periods of vegetation, it is also easy to attract large plants.

The side shoots remain weak, and most of the bulk provides the main shoot, making the feminized Bud a natural candidate for the SOG growing process when kept small, and the ideal choice for topping when grown medium or high is.

Both in small and large plants, the inflorescences are enormous, shiny, and wonderfully energetic, the flowering time for it is 50-65 days while the Plant height is about 110-150 cm.

Queen Writerr
Author: Queen Writerr