Residents of nine states, including Colorado and Nevada, can legally consume recreational marijuana while residents in 31 states, including New Mexico, can legally consume medical marijuana. The stigma linked to cannabis is slowly declining as more people accept it. Some people still consider weed as a killer drug; thus, it doesn’t come as unexpected that it has such a vast amount of misconceptions. As marijuana becomes more available, it’s essential to know the facts. From being a gateway drug to having an impact on the killing of brain cells, here are some myths about cannabis.


Eating pure weed makes you high 

No one can get high from merely eating the pure green marijuana plant. Before pure cannabis can make you high, it must be heated at high temperatures or mixed with a greasy substance and consumed orally.


Weed makes you lose that sexual desire 

Most marijuana critics say that marijuana makes you single, unable to communicate with girls, resulting in general failure in life. However, a survey was conducted by doctors, and it was discovered that most people who engaged in sexual relationships were stoners. However, studies have shown that some people might face difficulties socializing, especially after smoking excess cannabis.


Marijuana is super addictive

People become addicted to marijuana, but this is not an addiction because it can be regulated. For instance, getting addicted to sex is similar to marijuana addiction, but it can be overpowered. If anyone considers marijuana as physiologically addictive, then that person is incorrect. Addictive drugs may include cocaine, heroin, and more.


It’s easy to stop smoking weed 

Putting an end to weed smoking is very hard for long-term smokers. Most stoners report withdrawal symptoms like crabbiness, insomnia, and loss of appetite.


Cannabis is a gateway drug

Usually, a marijuana smoker might want to try different medications, but it doesn’t mean that all cannabis smokers are also heroin addicts.


It turns you into a killer

This particular misconception has made a lot of stoners to serve lengthy jail sentences for just possessing small measures of weed. If you consider the current marijuana laws of many countries, those caught possessing marijuana are imprisoned for a long time.


Marijuana is safe 

Although other drugs such as pills are significantly more detrimental to the health, it doesn’t imply that pot is safe, this is because smoke from marijuana will profoundly affect your immune system in one way or the other. Marijuana can increase heartbeat and affect the functioning of the brain. Similar to going outside and enjoying the sun, there are disadvantages of smoking weed, but this setback can be reduced if you smoke responsibly.


Cannabis is detrimental for the health

One of the most significant tasks that cannabis enthusiasts are facing is the misconception that cannabis is dangerous for your health. Marijuana critics say that cannabis causes cancer, PTSD, or even destroys brain cells. But these people know that cannabis does not negatively affect your health; it’s rather good for health. Marijuana can treat cancer, PTSD, anxiety, pain, and more.



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