Epilepsy is a condition of uneasiness and abnormal behavior among people. It is a disorder that makes the nervous system unstable and causes abnormal brain functioning. It becomes tough for people with epilepsy to interact socially in a proper manner. Hence, the disorder needs swift medical treatment.


Since epilepsy affects the mental state of a person, its medication has to be something that causes a change in brain activity. One such medical element is Cannabidiol or CBD. Its injection is a way to counter epilepsy and other similar disorders. But, before the application of CBD, you should know what it is and its effects on your mental health.


What is CBD?


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is one of the fundamental elements of the plant and has use in many products. One of these utilities is in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in medicine to cure anxiety, as it has a strong effect on the brain.


You should know that CBD is not the same as marijuana. While both substances come from cannabis, CBD is only a part of the hemp plant. It affects the mental state of a person but does not become a dependency for the user.


CBD and Epilepsy


CBD is observed to have a positive effect on people suffering from epilepsy and seizures. Since CBD has implications on the brain activity of a person, it also affects the parts that cause epileptic seizures. It represents a possible treatment of epilepsy in people whose brains do not respond to conventional methods of seizure control.


The progress of CBD as a medicine has been slow due to its links to marijuana. The medical associations, as well as the general community, question the legal use of CBD. But, the application of CBD does not cause the “high” effect. Its active elements only serve to control anxiety.


With that said, the use of CBD also has side effects. A few of these adverse effects are sleepiness and stomach problems. As such, CBD requires a lot of control in its administration. In high doses, it can cause more harm than good. It is strongly recommended you use medicine with CBD traces only with the instructions of a medical specialist.


In recent times, the US Food and Drug Administration gave their approval on a medicine derived from CBD. This medicine is known as Epidiolex. It is applicable for people above two years of age as a treatment of epilepsy. It is a proven means to control epileptic seizures. In some cases, the seizures died out altogether in patients, with the use of Epidiolex. But these results came with controlled use of the medicine with a set daily routine. In high doses, it also caused a liver malfunction among patients. You must not use this medicine as a treatment to epilepsy unless advised by a doctor to do so.




Epilepsy is a nervous disorder that is difficult to treat, with success rates of medical practices few and far between. One method of treatment to epilepsy that is on the rise is through CBD. While the substance may show positive signs towards the control of seizures and anxiety, one must never use it without the approval of a medical specialist.

Alli Isles
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